Good Vibe Mafia
Creative Collective & Retail Shoppe


Our Denver based team has a great range of talents and the services we are capable of are truly amazing. We specialize in Photography, Modeling, Brand Ambassadors, Videography and Graphic Design.

Potential Services

highly-experienced within these departments, the Good Vibe Mafia will provide any service you can fathom including but not limited to…


With the basis of our tribe relations stemming from free-lance photography work, the Mafia beholds countless brothers & sisters working behind the camera. Whether portrait-style shooting, motion film, or even drone work, our skilled professionals will make the creation process look easy. The hardest part for you is deciding which Creative to choose from… each artist sets her/his own rate based upon the project prompt!


Individually-based rates due to diverse Vibes, each of the heterogeneous Mafia provides her/his own visual styles & talents. Your visions will be manifested to the tee as you will find the model of your dreams on our team. Explore our Creative Collective to get a taste of how each spreads Good Vibes & inspire yourself with the divinity of your materialized work!

Holistic Living

As specialized advocates, certified instructors, and educated scholars, the Good Vibe Mafia beholds more than just the measures but the education to help you establish organic stability in your life. Chakra balancing, tarot card & astrology guidance, yoga instruction, reiki healing, our own CBD products… the holistic avenues you can tap into are endless! Beyond simply teaching others to live in alignment with nature, our ultimate ideal is to inspire you so deeply that you teach others, too!

brand Promotion

More than simply publicize your work through the media, our experienced team will hit the streets with fliers or bring the passion to your pop-ups! Any vision you desire to spread your word, we sing them for you! Our web of connections will bring you the outsourcing, collaborations, and support that any brand needs to professionalize themselves in the market… whether through online advertisements, dancing around the city, or even bouncing from boutique to boutique, the Mafia will show you the power of promotion!

Graphic Design

Film production, logo illustrations, website/social media development, and more… our team is equipped with more than simply talent but the technology necessary. Amazing content creation is step one to success; step two is composition of such to embody your brand’s mission statement. Invite us into your raw file cabinet & we will craft it into your throne!


With a Mafia of such empowered & passionate artists, our team will manifest your dreamworld into the community! Whether staging a one-night fashion show, hosting a weekend festival, or even setting up a routine pop-up shop every full moon, there is no party we cannot throw… always thoroughly professional and interactively engaging but, beyond anything else, remarkably fun!