Good Vibe Mafia
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The Vortex

Who we are...

Headquartered in Colorado’s Mile High City, the Good Vibe Mafia is a members-only creative collective, representing clients from coast to coast. From hosting fashion shows, to music & arts festivals, pop-up shops, live performances, and even metaphysical alignment workshops, the Good Vibe Mafia will illustrate your dreams to reality. Our creatives specialize in photography & videography, graphic design, modeling, brand promotion, visual artistry, holistic healing & movement, as well as interactive entertainment… essentially any creative, inspirational vision your team envisions, we will manifest for you. We not only create the content you desire; we help you set it on fire! Each of the Mafia’s individual expertise & certified professionalisms will more than embody your brand’s mission statement but illuminate its power to the world!

Prepared and eager to conquer any challenge, our team is on the pulse of everything within & beyond modern technology, fashion, self-love, health, artistry, and, of course, social media... our approaches to working with your brand stem from the collaborative effort of a highly-experienced, diversely specialized team. And within our modern society, the unconditional benefit to our customer is a built-in focus group with an immediate reach of more than 100,000 followers. Yet, considering that content creation is the fundamental of any social media campaign, the true potential of public impression is endless with our productions.

Operating out of our own retail establishment, the Good Vibe Mafia Shoppes, we market items from partner brands that support the Good Vibe lifestyle. Our Shoppe is located on the corner of Colfax and Elm, just 10 minutes east of downtown Denver, operating Monday through Fridays from11-8 and on Saturdays from 11-6.  

Send us a virtual hug or come by and spoil us with your creativity; we would be honored for the opportunity to serve you.  




4956 E Colfax Ave Denver CO 80220


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