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Pink Himalyan Bath Salts

Pink Himalyan Bath Salts


Handmade item

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Enchanted Forest Bath Salts: Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Spruce Essential oil and Lavender Essential oil. Organic chamomile, organic pink rose petals/buds, organic lavender, and organic monarda flower.

Happy Place Bath Salts: Pink Himalayan salt, tangerine essential oil and Lavender essential oil. Organic calendula, organic lavender, and organic rose buds/petals.

For a relaxing yet invigorating bath. Himalayan salts are spiritually cleansing especially for empaths and especially when combined with a ritual. 

To use:
Pour a capful or two of the mixture into a warm bath, light some candles, bring some water friendly crystals, massage some oil into your skin, chant positive affirmations, whatever makes you feel like the divine babe you are.

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