Good Vibe Mafia
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Our Story

A creative collective establishing themselves professionally through collaborating with other brands making roots for themselves as well.

Our Story

Good Vibe Mafia was established in 2017 when founder and CEO, Todd Cynecki, manifested his vision of assembling an unstoppable team of Denver creatives all working together for one purpose: spreading good vibrations. Recognizing the individual talents offered by each of these young artists, Todd felt his Karmic duty to harness their powerful abilities and focus them together on reframing the world toward true health & happiness.     

Offering our very own health and wellness line, Good Vibe CBD, our team opened its first retail store called the Good Vibe Mafia Shoppes in September of 2018. Unlike anything the creative community has yet to witness, the Shoppes offer an all-organic CBD smoothie bar serving only healthy beverages & snacks. Beyond the department dedicated to CBD education & product, the walls are lined with fashion from ornamental brands such as Bella Luna Treasure, Miss Mary Jane Co, Grassroots California, and Synergy clothing. There is even a specialty fitness section sponsored by Colorado Home Fitness for those in need of a quick sweat or a machine to bring home with them. The Good Vibe Mafia Shoppes is essentially a wonderland of all that promotes healthy living, self-expression, and feeling good!

As we can only imagine our future growth as a company and as individuals, we more than understand but embody the responsibility that we promise to the community; our team is ready to conquer the challenge of expanding your brand as well as your consciousness.    


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